Boost Your Health

As a Health Coach, your Wellness Partner and Reflexology Practitioner, I will help you to find your body's balance. As we work together we will look at what we put into our bodies, our environment, and lifestyle factors that over time lead to underlying health issues. Together, we will work to create the change you desire in a confidential, and supportive way. 

~Deb Dunlap

General Health Coaching



A Health Coach will work with you to help you to identify issues that you wish to improve or overcome in your health.  


A review of whole body, lifestyle, environmental and other factors takes place to help discover culprits keeping you from reaching your health goals.


Simple weekly recommendations and support in overcoming obstacles is given to help you to make continuous progress and find solutions to challenges you face. 


Handouts, and materials are included. 


Minimum of 4 sessions, plus initial free consultation.  In-Person, Telephone and Skype Sessions available.  


Inquire at or (413) 743-0483 for more information or to book your initial free consultation.

*Sliding Scale Options are available

Digestive Issues


  • Learn to identify food sensitivities and allergies.

  • Narrow down what is causing your heartburn, gas, IBS symptoms, bloating, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

  • Honor your body by using nature instead of pharmaceuticals and chemicals to solve these problems.​

  • Receive individualized steps to create your optimal wellness.

  • Free supportive materials, and recommendations designed just for you.

  • Convenient Skype or Telephone Sessions available evenings and weekends.


Individualized programs address issues such as sugar addiction, diet and lifestyle that impact digestive wellness, candida and other health issues that will help you to feel like yourself again!


30-Day Jump Start your Digestive Health programs - $99

Call (413) 743-0483 to get more information.


*Contact us for sliding scale options


Going Gluten Free


  • Learn the facts about Gluten and Gluten Sensitivity. 

  • Discover if your digestive troubles are Gluten related. 

  • Find out how to locate hidden Gluten sources in every day foods. 

  • Receive help in creating a Gluten Free Home.

  • Free supportive items and materials, including recommendations.

  • Uncover natural ways to feel better quickly, that are simple and sustainable

  • Free supportive materials individualized for your program

  • Convenient Skype or Telephone Sessions available evenings and weekends.



30-Day Jump Start your Gluten-Free Living program - $99

To sign up for a free initial consultation or to get more information, call (413) 743-0483.

*Contact us for sliding scale options




Overcome Exhaustion
  • Uncover the causes of your exhaustion.

  • Learn natural, easy ways to turn around fatigue.

  • Discover how food and lifestyle affect alertness, and can support your health.

  • Find out how to use natural ways to bring your life into balance.

  • Understand how exhaustion affects your adrenal glands and what you can do about it.

  • Get better sleep, eliminate brain fog, and find mental clarity.

  • Free supportive materials and recommendations for your individualized program.

  • Convenient Skype or Telephone Sessions available evenings and weekends.


30-Day Jump Start your Exhaustion-Free Living program - $99

To sign up for a free initial consultation, or to get more information, call (413) 743-0483.

*Contact us for sliding scale options



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